If you call our Admissions Manager at 612-752-6677, one of our admissions counselors will ask you questions about your case, income and location to determine if we can help you with your legal problem. The advice on this website is provided to you personally by volunteer lawyers who advocate on behalf of low-income individuals. We verify that all attorneys who advise on this site are admitted to practice law in Minnesota. The lawyers here voluntarily answer questions for free because they think it`s important that everyone can get legal advice, whether they can afford it or not. There are many ways to give something back to CMLS. There are voluntary opportunities for non-lawyers to support our clients and employees. You can also donate to CMLS to support our work. If you`re a low-income Minnesotan, our lawyers can help you with your legal questions. For more than 100 years, Minnesotans have received free legal aid from legal aid offices. Learn more about us » If we can`t help you, admissions staff can sometimes make recommendations to someone who can. Call 612-752-6677 to see if we can help. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00 a.m.

to 1:00 p.m. This year, MJF is pleased to present its 2022 Advocate Award to Raelene Caswell, Housing Advocate at Standpoint. Caswell (she/she) started working as a lawyer in 2009 and, as Standpoint`s housing lawyer, she works with the housing lawyer to help tenants/survivors of domestic and sexual violence deal with housing issues. These issues include breaking a lease for fear of violence, enforcing housing protection under the Violence Against Women Act, and communicating with landlords. It also provides training to lawyers from across the state. With his team of attorneys, Caswell provides legal representation through Standpoint`s Action Line for Housing, Protection Orders and Injunctions, and other safety-related concerns. She supervises and mentors Standpoint`s general interns, works with Alexandra House, responds to victims/survivors at the hospital, and provides support on the crisis line and through advocacy in shelters. Caswell has worked with several agencies, including the Sexual Violence Center, Cornerstone, Women`s Advocates, SafeJourney, Catholic Charities and Freedom House, to provide dignified services to those seeking safety. She is particularly passionate about preventing burnout and promoting the well-being and resilience of lawyers in the field.

MJF`s 2022 Direct Service Award goes to Bradford Colbert of Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Professor Colbert is director of the Minnesota Prisoner Legal Assistance Clinic (LAMP) in Mitchell Hamline. The LAMP clinic represents persons imprisoned in civil matters. LAMP cases range from standard resolutions to complex class actions. In addition to managing the LAM Clinic, Professor Colbert teaches criminal law and constitutional criminal procedure law at the Faculty of Law. While serving as appellate counsel, he argued Minnesota v. Carter in the U.S. Supreme Court (and lost). Professor Colbert has received the William E. McGee Public Defender Award of Excellence and the Minnesota Lawyer Attorney of the Year. Disclaimer: The resources and information on this page are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Resources for the convenience of Minnesota residents.

Readers need to learn more. We are here to give free advice because we stand up for the rights of all Minnesotans. We are part of the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition, which provides free civil legal assistance. If you are authorized to use this website, all advice and information you receive is free of charge. Our attorneys, staff and volunteers handle civil cases free of charge for Minnesota`s most vulnerable people. With expertise and compassion, we work to provide fundamental legal protection so that our clients can achieve safety, autonomy and access to opportunities. In addition to direct legal representation, we work with policy makers and advocate for equal rights and protection of the law. Sign up to receive stories and updates from Legal Aid. We love making new connections in the community (and we promise not to overwhelm your inbox)! Kristin is a Client Service Coordinator who serves clients with initial requests.

Recently, she and her family received 2nd place in the Anoka Halloween Home Decorating Contest and formed Learn More. The Volunteer Lawyers Network connects people affected by poverty with trained volunteer lawyers who provide advice, short-term services or representation in court. CMLS manages a robust volunteer lawyer program out of its offices in St. Cloud and Willmar. We connect local lawyers with appropriate clients to provide support in civil cases. If you`re a licensed lawyer looking to get involved, contact us today! The Minnesota Justice Foundation (MJF) is thrilled to once again host its annual in-person awards ceremony! Join MJF on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 4:30 pm at the University of Minnesota Campus Club. This year, MJF is pleased to welcome keynote speaker Robin Maher, longtime capital punishment advocate and federal defense attorney, former director of the ABA`s Death Penalty Representation Project, and now at the U.S. Department of Justice`s Office for Access to Justice, on « The Stories We Tell: humanity and hope in the justice system. » MJF will also recognize the recipients of its 2022 Distinguished Service Awards. When you ask a question on our website, it is private. Your question is only seen by pro bono lawyers. You are the only one who sees the advice you receive from the lawyer.

This way, you can be completely honest and know that the highest standards of data protection apply to your conversation with the lawyer.

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