If the accident wasn`t their fault, the car`s legal expense insurance could help repair other damage not covered by their primary policy. Assistance to cover the costs of legal representation if your client suffers bodily injury, or to restore costs related to, for example, damaged objects. If any of your belongings are lost or damaged as a result of an accident or theft with your car, motor vehicle legal protection can help you claim the cost of stolen or damaged items (provided they are not otherwise covered). Do you have a comprehensive policy? If so, you`re less likely to need legal coverage. If not, find out if it would be cheaper to upgrade to full coverage or add legal protection insurance if you or your passenger is injured in an accident, motor vehicle legal protection could help you get compensation for possible injuries. Think carefully before deciding to remove legal coverage. While this will reduce the cost of your insurance, it could potentially save you thousands if you have to use it. Legal protection does not cover the cost of hiring your own lawyer, as your insurer will provide you with one. However, it covers costs that may arise as a result of a court case. These costs typically include: Are you already insured? Check if you have car insurance with legal protection for motor vehicles. Sometimes legal fees are already included in your standard auto insurance policy Your insurer may not accept your legal protection claim if they think they have a low probability of success, such as if it`s not clear who is responsible for an accident.

Adding legal cover usually costs between £20 and £30, but if you have a full policy, it`s worth checking if you already have standard cover. Before you decide whether it`s worth adding auto legal protection to your auto insurance, it`s probably worth checking if you have legal protection elsewhere: If you have an accident that`s not your fault and can`t work as a result, legal protection could help you recover lost income. If your client is involved in a car accident, their car insurance usually covers vehicle repairs and liability. Let`s look at a few examples where motor vehicle legal protection offers coverage beyond what you`d get with standard auto insurance: The website also states that motorists may be able to save money by changing their auto insurance policy in the medium term. You can use your legal protection to claim uninsured damages, including: Motor vehicle legal protection typically covers you up to £100,000 in costs – and some insurers offer much more. If you need your legal protection, all you usually have to do is call your insurer and talk to them about how to access the protection you have. Assuming you don`t have coverage elsewhere, it`s a good idea to take a closer look at legal protection so you can decide if it`s worth it for you. Auto Legal Protection Insurance also provides clients with access to telephone legal advice and document preparation to assist them with their auto-related legal investigations, whether or not they need to make claims on the policy. Martin Lewis told motorists when to buy car insurance if they want a cheaper policy. Research conducted by the consumer rights website found that offers are cheaper 20 to 26 days before the policy begins. However, since motor vehicle legal protection is usually a very cost-effective addition to your policy, you can save a lot of money if you find yourself in a vehicle-related dispute.

Strictly speaking, you don`t need legal protection – because it`s not a requirement of the law. If you are unable to work after an accident that was not your fault and you lose £10,000 in income, you can claim it from your legal expenses insurance. While motor vehicle legal protection covers you when a judge decides costs should be covered, most cases never go that far. It depends on your personal situation and preferences. There is no legal requirement to have it, but it could save you a lot of money. Ask yourself: As with most insurance products, there are some things for which auto legal protection does not cover you. However, things get complicated when you are involved in an accident that is not your fault and you have to sue the other driver. Or maybe there is an argument about the circumstances and the other driver decides to take legal action against you. Legal protection does not pay you any compensation, but reimburses the legal costs you incur if you sue a third party for damages.

There is a lot of time, effort and money to spend going to court – so lawyers will try to solve a case without this extra step. The good news is that motor vehicle legal protection doesn`t just cover you for court-imposed fees. It also covers you when a case is settled through negotiations between lawyers. If you need paid treatment for injury or distress as a result of an accident, motor vehicle legal protection could mean you don`t have to pay out of pocket. It is possible to take out motor insurance with integrated or additional automobile legal protection as part of the insurance or brokerage activity. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate legal protection policy. There is always a chance that the other person will be held responsible for the incident, which means you don`t have to bear these legal costs or fees. However, if you`re wrong, these costs alone can amount to tens of thousands of pounds. Alternatively, you benefit from free autonomous legal protection from Free Motor Legal.

Visit their website to learn more about what they offer. If you become a member of this program, Free Motor Legal will put you in touch with legal representatives who will defend your case – again, only if they consider it winnable – on a no-earnings, no-fee basis, from which Free Motor Legal also receives a commission.

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