Your Eclipse Foundation participant status is not based on your employment status. This is an individual recognition of your frequent and valuable contributions to one or more Eclipse projects. If you are changing employers, please contact the EMO Records team by email ( to ensure that the required consent documents from the employer have been completed. For more information, see New Committer Process. Eclipse Projects have a declared license that applies to content developed and maintained by the Project Team (« Project Code »). Most Eclipse projects use the Eclipse Public License (EPL) as a declared license, but other licenses (e.g. Apache Software License 2.0) can also be used. All Eclipse projects exist under the umbrella of a top-level project, each specifying one or more authorized licensing regimes. Any licensing system other than that specified by a high-level project must be approved by the Eclipse Board of Directors. Some countries have restrictions on exporting, importing, possessing and using and/or re-exporting to another country, person, or for any particular use of the encryption software, but this does not limit or require you to do anything special when you receive encryption software from the Eclipse Foundation. In other words, it is your responsibility to determine which laws and regulations apply to you and to act appropriately. The following FAQ answers questions about legal issues related to Eclipse projects and covers topics such as: With comprehensive legal software solutions to help you manage every aspect of your firm, Access Legal helps businesses unlock unlimited potential, improve efficiency and productivity so you can focus on what`s important.

The Eclipse Foundation examines license compatibility through the lens that enables successful adoption of Eclipse technology in open source and commercial software products and services. We want to create an ecosystem based on the redistribution of Eclipse software technologies and include commercially licensed software products. Determining whether a license is acceptable for third-party content often requires input and guidance from Eclipse`s legal counsel. For Eclipse projects (and the open source world in general), committers are the ones who hold the keys. Committers decide what code to include in the code base, they decide how to build a project, and ultimately they decide what to provide to the adopters` community. Participant status is awarded after proof of success (usually a record of a high-quality contribution to a project) and successful election of the committer. Lincoln International (« Lincoln »), a leading global mid-market investment bank, advised Capita plc (« Capita ») on the acquisition of Eclipse Legal Systems for an undisclosed amount. Eclipse Legal provides case management software and services to more than 20,000 lawyers in law firms, alternative business structures, claims departments and commercial organizations.

If you have any questions about whether or not you can legally contribute to the content of the Eclipse Foundation, you should consult an attorney. If you`re contributing on behalf of the company you work for, you should probably ask your company`s legal department. It is up to you to ensure that you can comply with Section 2(d) of the EPA, which states: Since then, we have been busy integrating their products, teams and customers into The Access Group family and migrated the website to as part of this trip. Our Proclaim product is always available through Access Legal, so contact us to learn more about the latest features. This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only. It is not part of, modifying, supplementing or supplementing the terms of the license or other legal agreements. In the event of any conflict between this FAQ and any legal agreement discussed herein, the terms of the legal agreement discussed shall control. This FAQ should not be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should contact your own lawyer. If you have a question that you would like to see answered in this FAQ, please send an email to the alias Eclipse Licensing (

Capita plc provides customer and business process management solutions as well as professional support service solutions, primarily in the UK. It offers a range of back-office, middle office and customer contact services. The company provides services in the areas of business administration and support, customer restructuring, business process outsourcing, consulting and change management, customer management, financial services, human resources and recruitment, information technology, insurance services, outsourcing legal processes, living and retirement, real estate and infrastructure, service design, software solutions, travel and events. In addition, it offers services in the areas of finance, pensions, share registration and fund administration as well as public engineering projects. The company provides its services to clients in the fields of central government, business, defence, education, emergency services, financial services, health, housing, insurance, local government, life and pensions, police and justice, retail, retail banking, telecommunications and media, transport, travel and leisure, and public services. Capita plc was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in London. For more information about Capita, please visit Commercial software distributors may have certain responsibilities to end users, business partners, etc.

Although this license is intended to facilitate commercial use of the Program, a provider that integrates the Program into a commercial product offering must do so in a manner that does not create any potential liability to other contributors. If a Supplier includes the Program in a Commercial Product Offering, such Supplier (« Commercial Supplier ») hereby agrees to defend and hold harmless the other Supplier (« Indemnified Supplier ») from and against all losses, damages and costs (collectively, « Losses ») arising out of claims, suits and other legal actions brought by a third party against the Indemnified Supplier. to the extent that the acts or omissions of such commercial contributor in connection with its distribution of the Program in a commercial product offering. The obligations set forth in this section do not apply to claims or losses related to actual or alleged infringement of intellectual property. To be eligible, an Indemnified Contributor must: (a) promptly notify the Commercial Contributor in writing of any such claim, and (b) allow the Commercial Contributor to review and cooperate with the defense and any related settlement negotiations. The indemnified contributor may participate in such a claim at its own expense. The content provided by the Eclipse Foundation is constantly evolving, as this is the nature of open source development. These other notices allow licenses and other legal information to be changed if the content changes without the need to constantly revise the Software User Agreement. Think of them as plug-ins for the Software User Agreement. Because much of the software provided by the Eclipse Foundation is designed to be extensible or extend software such as the Eclipse platform, legal notices from multiple sources may be able to coexist consistently.

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