As the North Carolina Press Association noted, « because one-third of North Carolina residents don`t have access to the Internet, can`t afford it, and wouldn`t visit a government website even if they did. » Tammy Dunn, editor of the Montgomery Herald, said that « it`s a bit ridiculous to suggest that people check a government website every week to look at the ads. » Others also pointed out why it is crucial and traditional for legal and public announcements to be published in newspapers rather than on little-visited government websites. In addition, most North Carolina newspapers, including the Kernersville News, publish all legal notices online at no additional cost. Tägliches Staatsjournal. The daily newspaper of the Democrats [press]. Die staatliche Zeitschrift. Die staatliche Zeitschrift. Public notices are an essential part of the legal process, as they inform taxpayers and citizens of planned or ongoing actions taken by government agencies or courts that may affect them individually or their personal property. Public newspaper announcements fulfill these important steps in the judicial process: accessible, archivable, independent and verifiable. Charlotte`s colleague.

College life. C.C.U.N.C. News The Carolina Journal. Kinston Diary. New biweekly magazine Bern. Neue Berner Zeitschrift. Neue Berner Wochenzeitschrift. Das Tagesjournal.

The magazine. Winston-Salem Journal. The bill in question, Senate Bill 343 (SB 343), essentially contradicts one of the Republican Party`s most important principles. Senate Bill 343 was sponsored by Senator Trudy Wade (R-Guilford), who apparently has a giant axe of newspapers to grind. The bill, passed the Senate last month by a vote of 30-19, would allow local and county governments to post necessary public notices on their own websites rather than in newspapers. Some of these public notices include details of public hearings on new developments and opportunities for individuals to bid on government contracts. The bill, which is even more important for newspapers, would allow local governments to host other people`s legal notices on their websites and charge lawyers and others for legally required ads such as seizures, confiscated property and other proceedings. Daily Charlotte observer (Charlotte, N.C.: 1883).

The Journal Watcher.The Daily Journal Watcher. Das Tagesjournal. Aletheia.Dialette.Dust in the corner: Montreat-Anderson College student newspaper. Linotype.Newspaper: a publication of the journalism and writing workshop. Pravda.The Cavalier /The Lookout: Montreat-Anderson College Student Newspaper. The grindstone. Newbern Spectator and literary magazine. Newbern spectators and political register.

Newbern spectators. Statesville American and tobacco magazine. The American. The American from Statesville. The Atlantic.The New Era and commercial advertisers. The Newbern Journal. The daily delta. The union. The weekly union. Bergmanns- und Bauernzeitschrift.

Charlotte`s Diary. The North Carolina Whig. Catawba Diary. The magazine. Yadkin & Catawba newspaper. The public announcements on this website were first published in a particular newspaper in North Carolina; They are then uploaded to this website as a public service of the North Carolina Press Association and its members, which includes all newspapers in North Carolina. This website is a compilation of public announcements that are first published in North Carolina newspapers. Notices are continually updated based on the publication date of each newspaper. This is a freely accessible website with a variety of search features. There is no charge for any government agency to support this website. rather, it is a public service of North Carolina newspapers to disseminate this information as widely as possible to taxpayers and citizens of North Carolina.

« The spirit of the law is that government announcements are presented to the public. While it is a source of revenue for newspapers, the problem here is not. It`s about the public`s right to know, » said Paul Mauney, editor of The Dispatch, The Times News in Burlington and The Courier-Tribune in Asheboro. Public notices contain important information that serves a number of purposes. Although this website is freely accessible and the content is made freely available to the public, the website offers an expedited email delivery feature with personalized keyword or keyphrase research. For example, contractors can receive all tenders published in one of North Carolina`s counties within hours of they are issued. For a more specific search, such as roofing, simply define the search terms or phrases. If you want to rely on your company`s public announcements or only want to track certain information, sign up for Smart Search. The motivation of supporters of this law, which unfortunately includes a large number of Republicans in the NCGA, appears to be to steal money from newspapers and eliminate the decades-old practice of allowing newspapers to inform the public about information published in legal notices and public announcements. « I`m certainly not in favor of having Forsyth County in a pilot program and making the county a legal advertising service, » Martin said. Daily advertising Newbern. Newbern Daily Journal of Commerce.

Newbern Journal of Commerce. Newbern weekly specialized magazine. Fayetteville examiner. Fayetteville Observer. Fayetteville Observer. The Observer and the Gazette. The Franklin Press and the Highlands Maconian.The Franklin Press. North Carolina Gazette et Wilmington Weekly Post-Boy. The North Carolina Gazette.

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The Patriot and Greensborough Palladium. The patriot. Monroe asks for registerThe Monroe Express. The Monroe Registry. Dare County times. Coastal land times, with which the pilot and herald of Belhaven and Swan Quarter are combined. Coastal land times. Carolina Gazette.

Rutherfordton Intelligencer. Western Star of Freedom. The Wilmington Chronicle: North Carolina weekly announcer. The Wilmington Chronicle: and North Carolina weekly announcer. Goldsboro`s daily rough notes. Daily approximate notes. Subject Lenoir News. The messenger Caldwell.

Lenoir news and the Lenoir theme. Lenoir news. The Lenoir theme. Lenoir`s weekly news. Bi-weekly news. The subject. Weekly news. The Burke County News. Caroline`s mountaineer.

The Morganton Herald. The star of Morganton. Der Nachrichten-Herald.Der Freund des Bauern. The mountaineer. The Caucasien.La Raleigh Company. The farmers` lawyer. The weekly Caucasians. Der Bauernreporter und das ländlichen Endlager.

The farmer`s reporter. Wochenchronik und Bauernregister. Asheville Daily Gazette. Asheville Gazette News. The Asheville Era. Expedition to Piedmont. Rockingham after shipment. Rockingham rocket. The Anglo-Saxon. The Richmond rocket. The rocket. The argument that does not hold water for some supporters of this law is that it will save counties money.

The fact that the money saved relative to county budgets and the state budget would be an absolute drop on a very large bucket makes it clear that the main motivation for the bill is not to save North Carolinians money. Forsyth County`s budget for the fiscal year is $425,405,900. The state budget, which passed the NC Senate on Tuesday, is $23.03 billion.

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