It`s much easier to buy a bike that`s already legal on the road and transfer the title to your name. In 2004, lawmakers cracked down on off-road motorcycles that received license plates, making it nearly impossible for anyone to get roadside approval. You can see proof of this in old forum posts where people complain about the difficulty overnight. For off-road motorcycles approved on the road, these traffic lights must be spaced at least nine inches apart. The most obvious thing is to buy a motorcycle that was registered with road traffic before January 31, 2004. What is less obvious is to buy a motorcycle from another state and use it here. For example, a motorcycle with an Arizona license plate may be registered at an address in California. You`ll still want to convert it for California street use by adding turn signals, headlights/taillights, license plate lights, a horn, and mirrors if you haven`t already. I`ve read that police are stricter on out-of-state vehicles they suspect are in permanent use in California. You take your own chances. It may also be an option to purchase an off-road motorcycle and have the license plate issued in another state. For decades, California has taken strong action against vehicle emissions.

This has eliminated most off-road motorcycles from the equation. Either your off-road motorcycle must have an EPA sticker from the manufacturer stating that it is road legal, or it must have CARB approval, which is extremely difficult and rarely inexpensive to obtain for a vehicle that was not originally legal in California. In some states, you can find a lenient inspector who can help you legalize your bike. Or maybe you have your favorite mechanic passing on your stuff without even looking at it. Not in California! They do everything by checking the VIN. There is no mechanical inspection for an off-road motorcycle, so you never get that chance. There seem to be services for surfacing off-road motorcycles in California, but I can`t comment on their reliability and legality. They may very well stamp them in other states or remove the documents from another recovered bike. The former would be legal, the latter not at all (unless they also swap frames and update the engine identification number on the title). Official California rules are subject to change at any time, so always check your local laws and requirements before attempting to make your off-road motorcycle route legal. Despite this, many people still enjoy the thrill of trying it yourself, so we`ve put together this guide on how to legalize a motorcycle road in California.

We`ll also look at why it`s hard, what parts you need, and how to get a license plate for your off-road motorcycle in California. In summary, my answer to the question « How to legalize an off-road motorcycle in California » would be that it depends on whether you already have the bike or not and how creative you are with the process. How to make it legal in California? From that point on, the only motorcycles that could legally be registered for the road had to be CARB certified by the manufacturer (not the owner or dealer). Motorcycles older than 1978 can also be legally registered. As of January 31, 2004, it is no longer legal in California to put a dual-sport off-road motorcycle on the road. A few people managed to slip through the cracks, but without the EPA emission badge on the road, the plates can still be removed. Now that we`ve covered what`s possible and what`s not when titling an off-road motorcycle in California, let`s list the components you need to add if you`re considering legalizing your off-road motorcycle in the state of California. So, if you weren`t already confused enough about how to get a California license plate for your off-road motorcycle, now you have the old-fashioned option to consider.

Call the DMV and specifically request your bike (enter your VIN number). If they say you can get a plaque, write down as many details as possible about the call (who you spoke to, date, etc.). This way, if you are harassed at the DMV, you will have documentation to ensure that you have made every effort to confirm that your bike is eligible for road registration. The easiest way to get a driver`s license is to buy something that has already been legalized. We have dealt with it before. Fortunately, thanks to the collaboration between the DMV, CARB and the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association), the date of closure of this regulator has been postponed to 2004. If you purchased a motorcycle before January 1, 2004, you had until January 31, 2004 to register it on the road. Bicycles released after 1. Every time you ride your motorcycle off-road on the road, you have to follow the same driver`s license laws as if you had a car. To ride an off-road bike on a trail, there is no legal age limit.

Children from the age of three have no problem riding their off-road motorcycles with training wheels. But go ahead and the law comes into play. After converting your off-road motorcycle into a legal beast for the street, you`ll need the help of a title service provider like Dirt Legal to get a title, label, and registration. You don`t want to try to do this part yourself. I`m writing this after I got home after helping a friend buy a 2001 California-plated Yamaha WR400F. I asked the seller for the license plate, and he said that a few years ago (2011-ish) he bought the motorcycle only with a green sticker (or rather, without a license plate/license plate). He called the DMV to request a license plate for road use, and they told him his bike was eligible. The trick is to be discreet, don`t ride your AZ plated bike on the road unless you log in. That`s where Dirt Legal comes in.

Legalizing things on the street is what we are doing. All you have to do is call us at 800-994-7513 or visit our Off-Road Motorcycle Conversions page by clicking on the link. No tires and no hidden clauses – just you, your legal off-road motorcycle and open road. From there, we will send you some documents to fill out. Then we work with the DMV to ensure that all laws are followed to legalize your off-road motorcycle to ride on public roads. You will receive a license plate, a title and a registration! So I was looking for a new bike, currently owning a wr250x. I looked at a KTM 500 exc and a Husqvarna fe 501, but decided I really wanted a wr450. Does anyone know of a loophole to get roadside approval? The few I`ve seen on CL are too expensive. In September 2006, CARB was informed that many bicycles would continue to be registered after February 1, 2004. Instead of just closing the hole, they actually scoured the DMV folders to find motorcycles that were flattened by mistake. The DMV then mailed letters to these owners stating that they had been mislabeled and that their current road registration was now void.

Owners were ordered to send in their license plate and given the opportunity to sign up for a green sticker. Most of these parts are standard on today`s most popular models. Especially if you have a factory-approved off-road bike, you probably have most of them, but if not, you can probably install them for a weekend. If that doesn`t float your boat, you`ll need to add a plethora of parts to your off-road motorcycle. These parts prepare your machine for road traffic and make registration legal. They also prevent the police from arresting you, which most people think is a good thing. South Dakota or out of state. Try your luck doing it yourself via AAA or DMV.

If you know a man at a dealership, ask him to mark the traffic registration on the forms he sends to the DMV. Any guy on LA Craigslist can do it for $500. This is typical in California, our motto is « More common sense » Beware of companies that sell 3-inch diameter mirrors, as they are not legal in California. 2014 WR 450Arizona licensed, California Street Legal, 40 hours on the bike, meticulously maintained. The bike is ready for Baja or to ride on the roads. Many extras: FMF bomber exhaust system with spark arrestor, Endero Engineering radiator cages, 3 gallon IMS fuel tank Pro tapered rods, Pro Taper perch and XPS Pro lever, torn motorcycle seat, black DID dirt star wheels, 18″ rear wheel, ultra strong Bridgestone tubes, O-ring chain, Renthal double ring pinion, Ventilated and suspended suspension for a 190 lb off-roader, throttle stop removed. Contact Tyler @ 951-505-1540 Have you successfully registered an off-road motorcycle for road use in California? If so, I would like to hear about it. Write me at or leave a comment below Fast forward to date and we see that motorcycle manufacturers have adapted their ranges to California`s new application guidelines. Many road-homologated off-road motorcycles are now offered that are more in line with the pre-2004 enduro philosophy.

This means, first dirtbike, then streetbike.

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