If you want to do business with a Dutch company, you can check its entry in the commercial register. In the Netherlands, registration in the commercial register is mandatory for all companies and almost all legal entities. This makes it an invaluable repository for enterprise data. The registry provides reliable answers to questions such as: Does the company I want to do business with exist in the registry? Is the person I am dealing with an authorized signatory or should I ask for the signature of someone else in the company? What are the company`s other trade names? With Info-clipper.com you can search for companies in the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of documents designed to gain an accurate understanding of a business. If you need to identify a company or verify the existence of a company in the Netherlands, get information from the Dutch Commercial Register. If you want to assess your financial capacity and creditworthiness, we provide you with the information you need: in-depth analysis or financial statements. With more than 15 million corporate connections, you will discover corporate structures, shareholders and subsidiaries in the Netherlands and around the world. When starting a business, you must first choose a legal structure.

Your choice determines whether you have personal, joint and several obligations, corporate and tax. The main categorisation of legal structures in the Netherlands concerns business structures with and without legal personality, which can be summarised in the following table. In accordance with Dutch and EU law, the commercial register ensures that the relevant documents of a company, including its registered trade name, are compiled sufficiently and reliably in a central register. Therefore, any business name search performed can be done both legitimately and reliably. Information about companies can be found from 1920, the establishment of today`s register. The trade name chosen must be distinctive in nature and must not be vague or overly general, otherwise it would be contrary to strict intellectual property regulations. Given this, it is generally recommended that the name of the company reflects the identity of the company, but also that it does not conflict with the name of the goods or services offered. For many, the inclusion of the signs « NV » or « BV » in the trade names of public companies and limited liability companies is also a mandatory requirement. When setting up a company in the Netherlands, one of the main requirements that you should keep in mind is the distinction of the trade name used by the company. In a business name search, it must be determined that the proposed business name is unique enough to be separated from all other businesses.

The purpose of this law and the trademark laws that accompany it is to bring clarity to business operations and avoid confusion among the general public. The register provides an overview of all relevant (legal) information on all economically relevant companies and legal entities in the Netherlands. All companies and legal persons are entered in the register. These include: If you are considering registering a trademark or registering a new company name in the Netherlands, it is a good idea to perform a global preliminary selection to reduce the cost of a full search. We perform company name verifications in 200 countries, contact us. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce is a partner of Business.gov.nl. Through the Business.gov.nl menu you will find KVK information on writing a business plan, choosing a legal form and registering your company, financing your business, importing and exporting, startups and more. To do this, a nominative search must be carried out via the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).

The search for a business name can be done initially free of charge. However, an official excerpt, a procedure in which three proposed trade names can be submitted, requires the exchange of a small service fee. A second search can also be carried out through the Benelux Trade Mark Office based in The Hague. If desired, the trade name can also be registered on this website for additional protection against name infringement. Registration in the commercial register is not part of the process of incorporating a company in the Netherlands. From a legal point of view, a company can exist in the Netherlands without registration. Although it is illegal not to register, not registering does not prevent a business from existing and trading as a business. For the trade name to be registered, it must have an officially recognised place of residence in the Netherlands. The registered office of the company must be a registered address and clearly indicated in the articles of association of the company. In this context, the company must have a legally recognized office address. This can be done inside or outside the Netherlands.

However, to facilitate transitions and compliance with certain obligations, mainly tax, it is preferable to have this office in Holland. We can provide a company search report on companies registered in the Netherlands, please fill out our application form so we can help you with your Dutch business search needs. Cities with the most headquarters: Amsterdam Rotterdam Utrecht Eindhoven Almere Breda Groningen Haarlem Arnhem Tilburg List of the most important cities in the Netherlands sorted by search volume With a total of 4.6 million companies, there are 1.9 million active companies in the Netherlands. Financial statements must be published by Naamloze Vennooschap and Besloten Vennootschap (these are the main legal forms) Financial statements published by the Dutch register show important financial aggregates instead of raw figures (such as turnover, cost of sales…). You can use the KvK number to search for companies. Consulting the commercial register for a company name search when setting up a company in the Netherlands should be considered a mandatory requirement in order to avoid future legal and financial consequences. The amount of data recorded varies depending on the legal form of the organization.

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