New Jersey Governor Christie signed a revised limited liability company law on Sept. 21. The new law enters into force on 20 March 2013 for limited liability companies incorporated after that date and on 1 April 2014 for existing LLCs. The new law repeals New Jersey`s current Limited Liability Company Act, originally enacted in 1993. The new law includes provisions based on the revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act passed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and is designed to update and modernize laws for LLCs in New Jersey by providing more flexibility for LLCs organized or operating in New Jersey. The rules governing the formation and operation of a New Jersey Limited Liability Company (LLC) are set forth in the laws of New Jersey LLC. If there is an operating agreement, it is easier to navigate situations that affect the operation of the LLC. And when a lawsuit or litigation arises, LLC members (or courts) have something to reference. The RULLCA entered into force on 18 March 2013. The enactment of the New Jersey Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act was the most significant change to state laws for limited liability companies.

Do you need an operating agreement prepared for your NJ LLC? As a member of a New Jersey LLC, are you threatened with lawsuits against you? Are you dealing with the removal or expulsion of a member of your LLC? Is your LLC threatened with a lawsuit? Are you buying or selling an LLC and need to be properly represented? Many states have limited liability laws that are similar; New Jersey has certain requirements that are unique to the state. Unlike the current law, the new law provides procedures for domesticating an LLC incorporated under the laws of another state to become a New Jersey LLC, as well as procedures for converting another corporation (such as a corporation) into a New Jersey LLC. This amendment is consistent with the statutes of other business-friendly states, such as Delaware and Nevada. In this guide, we provide simple explanations of New Jersey LLC`s laws on: The revised New Jersey Uniform Limited Liability Partnerships Act (RULLCA) was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie on September 19, 2012. This is the first major revision of New Jersey`s laws governing limited liability companies. The laws governing the formation and dissolution of an LLC in the state are enforced by the New Jersey Division of Revenue.3 min read Understand exactly what an LLC is. And what it is not is a good starting point for our discussion. A limited liability company (LLC) is a hybrid business organization.

I use the word « hybrid » because an LLC combines the characteristics of a corporation and a partnership, but it is not « strictly » a corporation or a partnership under New Jersey law. Instead, an LLC is created and organized by an agreement among members who are free to write it as they wish, provided that the terms of the agreement are not prohibited by the New Jersey LLC statutes. In addition, federal and state tax laws generally recognize and treat an LLC as a partnership, meaning that taxable profits and losses accrue personally to members and are reported on their individuals` 1040 tax returns. Therefore, if the LLC is properly structured, there is no federal income tax payable directly by the LLC. On the contrary, any taxable profit is passed on to members via a K-1 when a profit is made. This avoids double taxation for each LLC member that otherwise occurs within « C » corporations. If your case is an actual or potential LLC litigation, lawsuit or member dispute and you would like to speak to a corporate member in person, call Fredrick P. Niemann toll-free at (855) 376-5291 or email him at At Hanlon Niemann & Wright, we are experienced New Jersey business and LLC lawyers committed to defending your interests. And just for the record, we charge a lot less than the big companies that are known for measuring fees.

The laws of New Jersey LLC provide guidelines for creating and maintaining an LLC operating agreement. The laws of New Jersey LLC define the duties and appointment of the representative registered in the LLC. Many attorneys and/or law firms only offer LLC transactional services. When faced with the prospect of a business dispute from any source, a lawsuit, and possible involvement in the courtroom, they will quickly walk out and relegate their client LLC (you) to another location. Not us, we are with you throughout the process and we will continue to serve you throughout the file. This is a big problem under New Jersey`s LLC laws. Under the so-called standard provisions of the LLC Act, profits and distributions to members must be made equally among members and not in proportion to their capital contributions or capital accounts. This may (probably) be contrary to the expectations of members, especially those who have made greater capital contributions than their colleagues. In order to negate this standard rule, members may specify a different formula for profit distribution and remuneration in their written enterprise agreement.

Again, another important reason to have a written company agreement. The laws of New Jersey LLC define the requirements to form an LLC. The State of New Jersey has created a business creation portal and PDF registration form for public records to simplify the process. The task of a registered representative is to accept the service of the claim (legal assignment to a claim). Hanlon Niemann & Wright`s lawyers have drafted all sorts of operating agreements covering all sorts of business issues and situations. For this reason, we can constantly evaluate and advise you on the problems you face in the real business world. It is this experience that also helps us represent you and/or represent the LLC in case of problems. Fredrick P.

Niemann, Esq. and Hanlon Niemann & Wright lawyers understand the laws of NJ LLC and the aspects that must be considered to protect you and your LLC`s interests. (11) Except as otherwise provided in section 13, paragraph B. of this Act, you limit the rights of any person other than a member or director under this Act. (1) the name of the limited liability company corresponding to Article 8 of this Law; and If you need help forming an LLC, you should consult our lawyers at the law firm Jonathan Fleisher, Esq. to ensure that your New Jersey limited liability company meets the requirements of the RULLCA. b. A foreign limited liability company that holds a certificate of power of attorney under section 58 of this Law shall appoint and maintain permanently in that State an office and a representative for the service of proceedings. h. The court shall decide any action brought under subsection (1) of subdivision d of this section that a provision of a company agreement is manifestly inappropriate.

The Court: e. The operating agreement may specify the method by which a particular act or transaction that would otherwise violate the duty of loyalty may be approved or ratified by one or more uninterested and independent persons after full disclosure of all material facts. (1) the relationship between the partners as partners and between the partners and the limited liability partnership; Like shareholders of a « C » or « S » corporation, New Jersey offers broad (but not absolute) legal protection against personal liability of members of an LLC. Instead, an LLC member only risks the capital they invest in the LLC. Under the old law, a company agreement was not required. If the organizer of an LLC drafted an agreement, it had to be written to make it a valid and enforceable document. Day Pitney attorneys in our Parsippany office would be happy to discuss the new law and answer any questions regarding its application to current limited liability companies in New Jersey. Avoiding personal legal liability is very important for many business owners and businessmen and a compelling reason to form an LLC if the nature of the business is risky and subject to legal claims.

If you are considering forming an LLC and would like to discuss the important points of your agreement in writing, I invite you to contact me toll-free at (855) 376-5291 or email me at As you continue to read this page and subsequent pages, you`ll appreciate how much better off you are when you put your LLC agreement on paper. The legal consequences of not doing so are manifold. Day Pitney`s advice « You have the COVID-19 PPP Loan – Know the Rules for Maximizing Forgiveness, » written by Susan R. Huntington, Richard D. Harris and Michael J. Dune, was featured in the Forbes article « Do You Expect PPP Credit Forgiveness? Don`t forget this step. If no annual return is filed under this section for two consecutive years: NJ Business Name Search – New Jersey LLC Name Search A limited liability company (LLC) is a mixture of a corporation and a partnership. Business owners in an LLC are not responsible for business debts. In other words, they have limited liability. However, unlike a company, the company does not file separate taxes. Instead, each partner (called members) reports their profit on their personal tax return.

When forming an LLC, develop an LLC operating agreement to establish financial and working relationships between business owners (« members ») and between members and managers. Section: 42:2C-18: Formation of a limited liability company; Proof of training qualifications. e. If a late date of entry into force is indicated in the certificate, a limited liability company shall not be incorporated if, before the entry into force of the certificate, a certificate of dissolution is signed and served on the depositary authority for submission and the Notification Authority submits the certificate.

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